Next generation Think Tank installed at Veldsvorm

It's a fact; the think tank we had was sublime. Nevertheless we have created an even more sophisticated and elaborate, mean, creative 'out of the box thinking machine' (see picture above) together with our friends (see "Friends in da House"). Of course we have done this to create an advantage for you (and for you only). Make an appointment with us and find out what we can offer you. Contact:

Gary Carter: The Next Big Idea

Chief Creative Officer, FMX, FremantleMedia (United Kingdom) takes us from Andy Warhol's predicted "everybody will be famous for 15 minutes" to Andy Warhol's last prediction in his dying hour: "everybody will be famous in 15 minutes?. Carter spoke at Amsterdam's anual cross media event Picnic'06. Find out more:

Exit mainstream

Jan Pieter Melchior and Micky Hoogendijk started 'dramaticbeat'. This brand-new independent film production company celebrated its launch party last September. Challenging, online for ideas and bursting with energy. Find out more:

Herman Poppelaars shoots...

...photographs that is. He also directs and shoots short movies, commercials and ideas. In his hands your ideas become even stronger, sharper, funnier, more. You see art directors and clients wonder... Was our concept that good? Or were we just lucky to work with Herman, the main Poppelaars of 'Gebroeders Poppelaars'? Find out more:

The figures

Smink, Van der Ploeg & Jongsma (SPJ) is the largest independent financial communications agency in the Netherlands. SPJ advises and supports listed and non-listed companies to tell 'the story behind the numbers' effectively and successfully. Find out more:

at VandenBerg

VandenBerg is state of the art offset printing. Besides this irrefutable fact, main man Erik van den Berg can't resist thinking with you, and adding ideas to improve the effects your printed matters are aiming for. Find out more:

Saving the Orang Utan

We support the Dutch foundation Monkey Business for many reasons. Not the least of them is the dramatic resemblance these beings share with us people... The Orang Utans that is. Well, sure enough with some of us here at Veldsvorm. Find out more: