Selection of realised and current projects

nederlands uitburo

Several years ago we started developing the new identity for the 'Amsterdams Uitburo' (AUB), a marketing organisation for Amsterdam's cultural sector. As a rock solid fundament for the brand, it's identity and a wide range of labels, we created the UIT-logo. A strong logo, simplifying the complexities and services of this marketing organisation, to one single image. We developed the identity and the complete range of integrated communications. The concept and he brand 'Amsterdams Uitburo' turned out to be very successfully. AUB started to 'franchise' its identity to other cities like Rotterdam and the organisation took the initiative for the 'Nederlands Uitburo' a national organisation for marketing and promoting the cultural sector. We developed the complete logo family and guidelines for cities like Rotterdam, Maastricht and The Hague.

Our contributions
Concept, design, advice, development and realisation of brand identity, logo, house style, presentation templates, introduction campaign, e-campaign, posters, flyers.